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born November 23, 1948 in Bruehl near Cologne sometimes called Calli, is a German football expert and businessman. Reiner Calmund has 5 children from two marriages, since 2003 he has been married to his third wife, Sylvia.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen
After Reiner Calmund had to give up his early career as a footballer, he devoted his time to training and association work. Simultaneously, he trained as an export merchant and a pursued a degree in business administration. Bayer Leverkusen hired him in 1976. For almost three decades Calmund worked for the club, which he formed into a modern, successful football business. By Bundesligaaufstieg in 1979 Calmund entered the big football stage on which he played from then on for many years a leading role. Spectacular player commitments (including Rudi Voeller, Bernd Schuster, Michael Ballack and Brazilian Jorginho, Paulo Sergio, Emerson, Ze Roberto and Lucio) were followed by sporting success, in addition to UEFA Cup win (1988) and DFB Cup win (1993) established Bayer Calmund under management in 1996 from long-term in the national and international leaders.

RTL Big Boss

On 8 June 2004 Reiner Calmund resigned as manager of Bayer 04 football back GmbH. After a short career break he was in the same year for RTL in the role of BigBoss in the eponymous reality show on camera. In 11 episodes Calmund picked out 12 candidates, a young junior executive who won € 250 000 seed capital to start their own company. BIG BOSS is the German adaptation of the successful U.S. format "The Apprentice" where the legendary real estate billionaire Donald Trump held the role of the decision maker. The winner of the competition in Germany, Carmen Dohmen, is now the proprietor of the flourishing Cologne event agency "Deer GmbH".

FIFA World Cup 2006

The FIFA soccer World Cup in 2006 called for the provincial government under then prime minister Peer Steinbrück Reiner Calmund the official World Cup ambassador for North Rhine-Westphalia. Primarily Calmund contacted the responsible parties, introduced the idea of "public viewing"  and contributed its share to the best World Cup of all time. The private channel RTL nominated Reiner Calmund as expert for its World Cup team.  
 UEFA Euro 2008TM
For the Host City Klagenfurt Reiner Calmund was at in the context of the Euro 2008 as "International Ambassador". He was promoting the region around the lake in the nations whose national teams were drawn against the venue Klagenfurt. Even prior to Calmund engaged in Klagenfurt, his sport political know-how and his contacts were the smallest venue of the well prepared going into the tournament.
Community Relations
Very committed to help the club Calmund "Class in Sport - Initiative eV for daily physical education, pursued in collaboration with the German Sports University in Cologne, the goal to teach children more exercise again. Founded by the actress Veronica Ferres and Martin Krug club "Power-Child" for prevention of sexual violence against children and adolescents Calmund supports such as with prizes from TV quiz shows. The "fan club Sehhunde; football fan club for blind and visually impaired eV" Calmund visited at least once a year and provides for events. .. Equally obvious how committed took Calmund the ambassador role in the "World Cup for People with Intellectual Disabilities 2006" His 60th birthday celebrated Calmund under the theme "Children smile instead of presents" The money collected two social projects in Asia was supplied: on the one the orphanage of the Thai city of Pattaya, on the other school, "Luc Nam in Bac Giang in Vietnam. Tens of thousands of euros as well as many donations Calmund collected for the children he wants to actively support in the coming years. He also committed to UNESCO , the UN Children\'s Fund and provides for many social actions.


In 2002, Reiner Calmund received from the European soccer body UEFA to the "Fair Play Award". It noted the fair conduct of the players and managers from Bayer Leverkusen after the defeat in the final of the UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid. The solemn ceremony was held in Monte Carlo, at the draw for the European cup competitions. In the same year rewarded the "WAK - West German Academy of Communications" Reiner Calmund with the "Neven-DuMont-medal". This award is traditionally presented on personalities that contributed significantly to the development of communications and media industries. Thanks to 2005 followed the "Golden Pick-Up" the Prince of the City Guard Dusseldorf eV Blau-Weiss 1927 a distinction that Calmund his "humor, fun and wit" (as the jury) had. In the Embassy of the Russian Federation Calmund 2006 received a prize of him especially at heart: The Busche Verlag, publisher of Gourmet Atlas chose the gourmet to the "Treat of the Year, a year later, he received the" Golden Gourmet duck "of the gourmet market Rhine-Meuse for "the promotion of eating and drinking culture." Also in 2006 the twisted Reiner Calmund and RTL sports journalist Ulrike von der Groeben Brazilian documentary "Calli do Brasil" was number two at the "best television feature" of the Year 2006 ". The traditional Cologne Carnival Society Sr. Tollität air fleet e. V von1926 "gave Calmund in November 2007 to honor Senator to whether his achievements in football and the carnival in the Cologne region. In 2009, Reiner Calmund the" Herbert Award for "Best Sports Quote of the Year 2008" and his weight-loss project "IRON CALLI" was awarded for the concept and the website with the "Health Media Award.

Cooking on TV

The TV-cooking trend is firmly behind Reiner Calmund. For the cooking channel "tv.gusto" he cooked together with celebrities (including Rudi Voeller, Dr. Theo Zwanziger, Toni Schumacher) and highly decorated chefs (including Lea Linster, Dieter Müller) tasty menus. No wonder that "Calli-cooked" was decorated with amusing anecdotes and lively discussions. Since November 2007, Reiner Calmund is on the jury of the "Koch Arena" Vox, tests with hotel and restaurant critics, Heinz Horrmann and chief editor of "Food & wine, Katja Burger, the creations of celebrity chefs and serious amateurs (the winners of the successful mission "Perfect Dinner"), the "against each other" cook. Flowers Again in all seriousness (for the "amateurs" is about a decent prize money for the professionals about the reputation) of flax and Reiner Calmund makes with his casual comments often enough that it is not too serious in this duel. For Vox, he was also for "Celebrity Chef Duel" and "The Perfect Celebrity Dinner" for the camera.

TV in general

Calmund is also a welcome guest on talk shows (JBK, Beckmann, Sabine Christiansen), quiz shows like "Millionaire" and entertainment shows like "Welcome to Mario Barth" or "The Ultimate Chart Show". The slim documentary "IRON CALLI" with Joey Kelly gave the station VOX in August / September 2009 on average rates. His football skills him again and again to TV channels like Premiere / SKY, league total, DSF/Sport1 or the Austrian commercial broadcaster ATV. Calmund for ZDF filmed in autumn 2009 and spring 2010, the multi-part documentary series "Callis small football fairy tale" (Ki.Ka). In this format helped the makers of the chronically unsuccessful D-youth of the club Viktoria Frechen improve the football, and human develop it further.  
Print columns, and Web-TV

As early as 2005 began Reiner Calmund his regular columnist working for his partner "Fuji Film". In "Callis Corner" lit his sporting and social issues before and during the FIFA 2006 World Cup. During the tournament worked Reiner Calmund regularly for a consortium of 12 German newspapers (including New Osnabruecker newspaper, Bonner General-Anzeiger) and daily for five Austrian publications (including the Kleine Zeitung, Tiroler Tageszeitung, Vorarlberg Nachrichten). Since the start of the Bundesliga season 2007/2008 Reiner Calmund a columnist for the "Express". In "Don Calli makes about the league," he lights a week\'s Bundesliga action, but also the performance of German clubs in European competition and the Games of the national team. With "" he appears again in 2008 as "early adapters" in the use of new media. The video blog with weekly contributions to the current national league match, regular "EM-messages" on the road to UEFA Euro 2008TM and entertaining "Calli on Tour" clips from all appear in the world on the specially dedicated Youtube channel \'CalmundTV " .

Counseling, lectures, talk

Who will win Reiner Calmund for a task, bound fast by his identification and apprehension. This he does at present for the Cologne-based agency "Total Sports", for which he works as a consultant. With the German Sports University in Cologne, he is working on scientific projects. True to its motto of "competence and passion, that is the formula to success," he tackles the things. He connects like few issues in Germany, the sports and business, he taught again and again in his many lectures at conferences and corporate events. Talk as a guest or expert panels Reiner Calmund is a valued guest and partner, who always exciting and anecdotes - white to report - not only from the world of football. His great popularity and uniqueness animation companies such as o2, Müller Katjes him to undertake as a testimonial.

Reiner Calmund - a child of the clay court, a child of football. Thanks to neverending hard work & well chosen decisions. But the ground on which real life is played,  he never lost his footing.

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